Some things take longer than expected.

Quite a few of years ago I started writing a collection of songs that my friends and I then decided to record entirely outdoors. From one (generally cold and wet) location to the next and across several countries we found ourselves dragging drum kits and pianos, trombones and accordions. This all took a while.

However, this collection of recordings eventually became an album. And today, I’m delighted to announce that this album, ‘Benthic Lines’, will be released by Armellodie Records on the 12th of May this year.

When it came to deciding how to physically present the album, we wanted to try something a bit different and ended up creating a beautiful little sixty page book. I’m really chuffed with how this book has worked out and feel it accompanies the music perfectly. There’s stunning cover art by Matthew Cusick, an expertly executed short story by Craig Rennie, photographs of the recording process, illustrations (complete with longitude and latitude coordinates) of the various locations, and all of the lyrics. The book’s made from thick matte paper stock and looks and feels gorgeous. You’ll be able to get it either on it’s own (with a download code for the music), or with a CD.

Anyway. The album is available to pre-order now. You’ll receive a copy before the official release date and in the meantime you’ll get an immediate download of the song, ‘Earth Broke Its Vow’ to whet your appetite.”

Thanks so much.