It’s been a while since I last wrote here, but not due to lack of activity. We have been pressing ahead with this album that’s being recorded entirely outdoors, and it has brought us to some superb musicians and a number of interesting locations. 

Dara Stewart delivered a punch to the belly with his double bass performance in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park, while curious Japanese tourists asked for photos. With Herculean effort, my friends managed to drag my piano outside allowing me to record a few takes before the rain came. My Dad, my brother and his kids invited me along to a barbecue at Aberdour beach, where I promptly whipped out an accordion and laid down a quick ditty. Tim, Marcus and Phil ventured to the top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh and delivered beautiful brass and horn performances in the shadow of the National Monument. And in the next couple of weeks there’s glockenspiel, Rhodes, synth bass, vocals, drums…

There are a few photos and videos kicking about on this site and of course, all these excursions have been added to the map of recording locations that can be found here.

We’re hoping to have most of the recording done in the next few weeks before winter sets in and before my wife gives birth to our first baby πŸ™‚