(first, an apology for the months of silence on this blog) 

About five years after having the idea for this outdoor-recorded album, and after travelling to many, many different locations over four continents, it is now finished. And I think it’s quite good. It’s going to be called Benthic Lines and we’ve managed to acquire some absolutely stunning artwork by an American artist called Matthew Cusick. Can’t wait to show it off.

The album is due to be mastered by Alan Douches (who’s worked with Grizzly Bear, Midlake, Sufjan Stevens) in a few weeks time so I’ve been busy in the studio making some final tweaks to the mixes. I’ve also been outputting all of the individual stems as these are going to be released under a Creative Commons license for those interested in remixing/mangling.

In terms of dates, I’ve been in conversation with a local label called Armellodie Records and the plan is for them to release the album later in the year. I’m chuffed to be working with them, they’re a cracking wee label. In the meantime there’s design work, a video, website and press release to be working on. (If anyone wants to help with a simple static website dedicated to the album do get in touch!) I’m hoping to have local and online listening parties nearer the time (probably no balloons) so you’ll get a chance to hear the album a wee while before it comes out if you’re interested. Then there’ll be gigs. Probably should start practising again…

Finally, for those of you on Facebook, I’m afraid I’ve kind of given up on it. I lost interest ever since they started asking me to pay to promote my status updates so that the people who chose to follow me could actually see them. I’m not a car company. I might persist for a little longer but generally I’m floating around on Twitter a bit more these days. If you’re interested in that kind of thing I’m over here.